About OnPoint Publications

OnPoint Publications is a source of news, analysis, links  and educational aids for tax professionals and educators.  The blog presents weekly reviews of IRS announcements and news releases, as well as selected U.S. Tax Court opinions, publications of Treasury Decisions, private letter rulings and similar releases.  To aid those who may be looking to give a weekly staff presentation, I have included a PowerPoint presentation and a speaker’s guide on the topics found on the blog page.  The presentations and guides can be downloaded from the “Tax Week in Review – Slides” page.

I believe that the accounting profession is best served by those with true intellectual curiosity.  In my thirty-five years in the accounting profession, perhaps my greatest learning experiences came from presenting continuing education to the staff at a major accounting and financial services firm.  With that in mind, I wanted to create a resource for other professionals who may have that same responsibility.

Please use the materials as a resource to continue your staff’s professional development.  If you have a comment or question, or perhaps a topic you would like added, please use the contact page and send me your ideas.

Thank you!

David R. Meisenhelder, CPA MST