Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and a healthy, Happy New Year!

With the holidays approaching, many accountants are following through with year-end tax planning for their clients as well as making their own plans for the holidays (read – use my vacation days before year-end).  That said, I too am looking to take advantage of the holidays – to redesign the website, give it new purpose and launch a revitalized blog in the new year.

My original intent for this site was to provide teaching aids for the accounting profession, particularly in the field of taxation.  The weekly posts of current court cases, with the accompanying PowerPoint presentations, may have been useful to some, but they do not represent a true lesson plan that could be used in a progressive educational program for staff.

After the holidays, I will be working on a series of presentations focused on the cornerstone cases of tax law, from Glenshaw Glass to INDOPCO.  Please come back in January 2017 to see the changes.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and a healthy, Happy New Year!

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